Frequently Asked Questions

The Experience

  Locked in a room?

 Yes, the door is locked behind you after you enter.  The key to the door is in the room with you, but you must find it to make your escape.

That sounds like the beginning of a horror movie…. 

 As entertaining as the Saw franchise may be to some, that is not what we are about at the Crystal River Room Escape.  Here is some information to dispel misconceptions about our rooms:

  • The rooms remain fully illuminated throughout the game.
  • You always have a way to get out of the room because during your briefing, the clue master will give you the combination to the key pad lock on the inside of the door.
  • Our rooms are puzzles for your entertainment and sense of accomplishment. There are no clues or objects in the room meant to frighten or cause discomfort.

 I get a bit claustrophobic sometimes.  Would I be okay?

 We can’t presume to decide for you, but here is some information that may be helpful.

  • All of our rooms are approximately 165 sq. ft in size. You may be with as many as 5 additional people.
  • They are all bright and cheerful with 2 nice sized windows and overhead lighting along with a ceiling fan.
  • As stated before, you have the ability to get out of the room of your own volition at any time you wish.

Can I do this when I am intoxicated?

 No.  Please do not arrive inebriated for your game; you will not be allowed to participate and will not be entitled to a refund.  Save that for the post game celebration.  This policy is not meant to be a buzz-kill, only to keep everyone safe and create an environment in which everyone can have fun

Is there a minimum age?

 Not if the minor is accompanied by his or her parent/guardian; otherwise, participants must be 18 or older.

A note about bringing kids to our game: while they are welcome under your supervision, please consider your child’s temperament and the experience of others participating with you.


 How far in advance do I need to book?

 You can book on-line as early as 30 days in advance; or email for bookings and special events earlier.  Same-day bookings are possible with at least two hour notice.   Walking inn is not recommended.  Call (352)228-4033 before you come if you have not booked in advance.

How should I dress?  Do you have a dress code?

 We do not have a dress code outside of asking everyone to dress appropriately to be in public.  Jeans and a shirt or shorts and a shirt work well.

 Do I need to bring anything to the game?

Yes!  Come with enthusiasm and anything else you would normally carry.  Please leave any potentially dangerous items home or in your car.

 How long does this take?

  You will be with us approximately an hour and 20 minutes.  You will be given 60 minutes to escape, but please come about 10 min early so that you can be briefed on rules.  Afterward, plan on another 10 minutes for debriefing and pictures.

What if I am running late?

 Because we have a tightly packed schedule, games must start on time.  Late arrivals will have less than the 60 minutes to complete the room.  No refunds will be made in these cases.

 I want to request a special time for my group.  What do I need to do?

 If you do not see a suitable time on our booking page,  email or call (352) 228-4033 and we will assist you with your needs.  NOTE!!   Due to the extra coordination and staffing provisions required, see the special payment policy below:

           Private Event/Party Payment Policy

            You will be required to purchase the entire room (6 tickets)

            even if you have fewer participants.  If there are unfilled slots when

             booking online, you may you may enter none or similar for the name(s).

 Are there group rates or discounts available?

 Not at this time.  Check prices on our booking page.  Like us on facebook and sign up for our mailing list for any promotional offers.

How many people does it take to solve a room?

 Six tickets are available for each room, but it can be solved by as few as two clever people.  We find however, the more brains working, the better the results.  Buy as many tickets as you need and we will group you with other people to solve the room.  While teamwork is not required, you’re more likely to succeed if you work together.

The session I want is already full.  Can you add me to a wait list?

We are not able to maintain a wait or standby list.

I want my group to be the only people solving the room.  Can we do that?

 Sure!  Pick your date and time, purchase all 6 tickets and you are sure to be the only people in the room.  When purchasing tickets you will not be using, be sure to enter “none” and “similar”as first and last names.

 I want to put more people in the room than the number of slots you have listed, Pretty Please?

 Unfortunately we cannot accommodate more people than the available number of tickets.  Our recommendation in this situation is that you book two rooms that start near the same time (as little as 30 min apart).  The game schedule is pretty tight and generally fills up so there is typically not much flexibility to move games around.  We will work with you as much as we possibly can.

 Can I get a refund of my purchase or move my time to another time slot? 

 Tickets are non-refundable.  Please double check your quantity, date, time selections before completing the purchase on the website.  Further, we cannot transfer a purchase to another room, time, date or person.  Purchases are final for the quantity, date, time, and participants selected.

What happens in the event of bad weather or power outages? 

 This is Florida!  Yes we may have a power outage.  If that occurs, we will contact you as soon as possible to either refund or re-schedule your booking.

Can we bring alcohol?

Remember that this is a mental exercise and a family friendly experience.  Our policy is no alcohol allowed.

I purchased a gift voucher for a friend or family member. Why isn’t it working when it is entered online?  

Sometimes the gift voucher number repeats.  Isolate the repeated section and enter that number.  If this doesn’t work, please call us at (352)228-5138.

Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy